People Are Feeling Some Type of Way About Beyonce..It’s About Time

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m a fan of Beyonce. I think she is inspiring and talented. However, that doesn’t change how dangerous she is to Black feminism, Black culture, and the image of Black womanhood in White America. In her article, “Dangerously in Denial”, Kim Lute explains how the Grammy’s is another example of this.

Please read it. She is on point about Beyonce’s effect on our culture and society. It is important to note that, you can be a fan of her artistry, and be honest about what Beyonce’s image and brand will mean for Black women in the future. Bell Hooks has repeatedly discussed how Beyonce, at this point in her career, has enough control the way her image is portrayed and chooses to disregard her impact on Black culture. She moves between being Black when its beneficial ( I.e. this Grammy performance) and Multiracial when necessary (I.e. all of her endorsements). Let’s just start the dialogue and have it be the beginning of a discussion on who we, as a community, promote and support. Let’s start holding people accountable for their actions and it’s impact on our community.


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