“Selma” Is Teaching Us About How Hollywood Really Feels About Black Culture and You Asking Questions

In an age where Black culture has an incredible impact on American culture, the movie “Selma” is showing us how Hollywood really feels about it. 10 years after Hustle and Flow, movies with predominately Black casts can only seem to get awards for their musical contributions. There is overwhelming evidence that Hollywood is only interested in using our culture contributions, not celebrating them. However, instead of accepting this and attempting to evolve into an industry that naturally portrays Black culture, history, and people as multidimensional, they ask the question, “Is that what is really happening here?” A good example of this is an article The Washington Post posted entitled, “Selma’ Didn’t Win Much at The Golden Globes. Are Politics to Blame?”

Are politics to blame? Is that a real question? It drives me a little crazy the media always discusses racial inequalities with a question mark. The author presents numerous pieces of evidence that race relations played a large roll in the film losing support. Yet, she ends the article saying, “…rest assured, Hollywood will keep mining politics and history for movies, big budget and otherwise, with racial tropes always an issue”. This type of noncommittal reporting on race is why White people are confused about what it means to be prejudice or racist. According to this article, “Selma’s” award snubs could be another sign of how White America’s social agenda dominates Hollywood, or it could be something else. Who knows?

In my opinion, the question has been answered, so we should stop asking it and start acting on it.


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