Unconscious Bias: Would You Take Advice From Malibu Dollface?


Screen shot 2014-07-31 at 11.14.01 AM

I am all about trying new protective styles so I while looking at lace wig tutorials I came across Malibu Dollface’s page. (I’m sorry for not using his actual name I just don’t know it). He’s been doing tutorials, inspirational videos, and opinion pieces since 2008 or 2009.

Four videos in on his YouTube Channel I came across one entitled Stop being Afraid to Be Great…Do It! My first thought was, OMG everyone should see this video at least once, especially if you are having trouble taking the next step in your life. He speaks on doing everything but your dreams because of fear and how to overcome it.

However, my second thought was I know people who could not sit through this video without being uncomfortable with Malibu Dollface’s full face of makeup and Aaliyah One in A Million wig. It’s an amazing example of unconscious bias and how it affects. Unconscious or hidden bias is the concept that suggests our social behavior is not entirely under our conscious control. We have been influenced since childhood to either accept or reject things in our environment. This is used to explain why, people can have prejudice actions and views without realizing they do.

Since 1998, various universities and nonprofits have teamed up to run Project implicit. The goal of the organization is to conduct research on hidden bias and how it affects the world and provide training and education services. You are also able to test yourself and discover you biases. (Take the test here).

American Values Institute sums up what scientist have discovered over the years.

What scientists have also discovered over the last decade is that the IAT works as a very good predictor of people’s behavior. This is why implicit bias matters. While the measuring of hidden opinions about various groups might seem on the surface to be inconsequential, it becomes something else entirely when we see bias’ impact on real world behaviors.  Study after study in a wide range of fields has shown the potential real-world impact of implicit bias on people’s quality of life.  Studies show, for example, that doctors are more likely to prescribe life-saving care to whites, that managers are more likely to hire and promote members of their own in-group and that referees in basketball might be more likely to subtly favor players with whom they share a racial identity.

In the same way referees will subconsciously favor those of the same racial identity, a straight black male may find it difficult to embrace Malibu Dollface. Many people who need to hear his message will not simply because he falls into the category of other. It is imperative that we address unconscious bias by making people aware of its subtle impacts on the development of our personal selves and our environment. We all have biases and we all lose access to various forms of creativity, talent, and wisdom as a result. Hopefully, you will take a few moments to watch the video below and get inspired like I was.





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